Description of Fruit Matoa (Pometia pinnata)

Fruit Matoa (Pometia pinnata) is a typical fruit of indigenous Papuans. This sweet fruit flavors such as fruit or fruit kelengkeng rambuatan. Matoa trees grow tall, and its wood could be for furniture or frame - frame house. The fruit is a seasonal fruit which bear fruit in September-October. Matoa grow throughout the islands of Paradise.
Fruit flavors "busy", and hard to define, such as between a sense of lychee and rambutan fruit. There is also a very sweet taste like fruit kelengkeng. Some say sweet sticky. Anyone else feel like the aroma of fruit and durian kelengkeng. In short, matoa fruit taste delicious, they are like.
Melonjong round fruit about the size of quail eggs or betel nuts (palm family) with a length of 1.5 to 5 cm and a diameter of 1-3 cm, smooth skin blackish brown when ripe (if still young yellow-green, there is also a mention of green- yellowish). Epidermis white nodes are attached to beans, sweet and fragrant.

During this time, people familiar with the fruit comes from Papua matoa, when in fact matoa trees grow well in the Moluccas, Sulawesi, Borneo, and Java at an altitude of up to about 1,400 meters above sea level. Besides Indonesia matoa tree also grows in Malaysia, of course, also in Papua New Guinea (Papua eastern hemisphere), as well as in tropical Australia.
In Papua, matoa tree actually grows wild in the forests. This is a type of plant rambutan, or in biological sciences from a family called rambutan-rambutanan (Sapindaceae). While its kind in Latin is called Pometia pinnata.
In Papua New Guinea, known as the fruit matoa Taun. While in other areas, it is called too many things, among others: ganggo, jagir, jampania, shampoo, Kase, kungkil, lamusi, lanteneng, lengsar, mutoa, Pakam, sapen, seize, Tawang and wusel. That is, the fruit is actually also found in other regions in Indonesia.
In Papua, matoa tree originally grew wild ride has become more and more prestige. Moreover, since (former) President Megawati proclaimed planting various native tree species such as chrysolite Aceh Indonesia, Kalimantan meranti and matoa Papua as a sustainable tree, Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta area, a few years ago.
So, understandably if the general public will be proud to call Papua matoa fruit as the fruit its distinctive province of Papua. This tree is flowering throughout the year, then the tree can be said to bear fruit matoa most of the time. Therefore, the fruit matoa relatively easy to find in traditional markets in Papua.

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